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Blankets and Books

It's been pretty chilly but I'm not complaining.  Christmas in the South is usually hot -- shorts and t-shirts.  So it's great that the temperatures are cool enough that you at least feel like it's Christmas time.


When I think about Christmas, certain things automatically pop into my thoughts.  There are the colors of the season:  red and green with a little gold and silver thrown in; Christmas trees with colorful lights and ornaments, lots of garland with bows and w

Tis the Season for Eating!

This is the time of year that I have to pull out my "fat pants" (anything with an elastic waistband) as my daughter would say.  Holiday cooking is in full swing starting with Thanksgiving.  It's like a non stop smorgasbord until New Year's.

It's not your Grandmother's Library!

Twice over the past several months, I received an unexpected reaction after telling someone that I work at a public library: “I feel so sorry for libraries!”  “And why is that?” I asked.  “Well you know…because of the Internet, computers and eBooks, people don’t use libraries.”  After admitting they had not stepped foot in a library since their school days, my reply to them was “You really

Changes Coming for eBook Readers!

We are making changes to Jasmine Digital Library to improve our service.  December 15th the following policy adjustments will go into effect:
  • Checkout per card will go up from 5 to 8
  • Holds per card will go up from 3 to 5
  • Maximum circulation drops from 21 to 14 days.


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