Author Spotlight -- Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell is a rising star in the worlds of Young Adult and Adult Fiction.  Read on to learn a little more about her and her novels that have such widespread appeal and a growing fanbase.  You can also click on the book jackets for her novels to read about them individually in our catalog.


With her fourth book, Landline, released just a few weeks ago, Rainbow Rowell continues to solidify her reputation as a much beloved emerging writer for both young adult and adult audiences.  In her novels, Rowell focuses on the timeless themes of love, longing, and relationships, and her realistic and highly sympathetic characters have endeared themselves in the hearts of her readers.  Rowell is also quite the connoisseur of popular culture, and the music, film, and comic book references that she sprinkles into her works only help to further add authenticity to her characters and their interactions with one another.  Rowell’s critically acclaimed YA novel Eleanor & Park features an unlikely romance between two high schoolers who experience the highs and lows associated with first love, and this particular work serves as an interesting comparison to her newest book.   Though written and marketed for adults, Landline still proves to be a relatable story for a much wider audience as it explores the ups and downs of a marriage that appears to be coming to a crossroads.  Love and the hardships that it can endure are front and center once more, but this time, a special phone that allows the protagonist to talk to her husband’s younger self just may provide the means to allow her to repair their relationship before it becomes too late.  Rowell has a gift for creating characters that you can really root for and that convey an emotional honesty that never trivializes the thoughts and feelings that are associated with being in love with another person at any age and at any stage in life.

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