Library Card

Library Card

Library Cards are dual-purpose. They serve as a Library Card for material checkout and allow you to use the Internet.

Obtaining a Library Card

Dorchester County Library's library card is free if you live in Dorchester or Berkeley County.  Out-of-county residents are required to pay a $35.00 annual fee. To obtain a library card, go to your nearest Dorchester County Library and fill out an application form (or ask your parent or guardian to fill it out).  Proof of residency in Dorchester or Berkeley County is required.    Acceptable forms of residency are a current SC Driver's license, current SC automobile registration, SC non-driver's Identification Card, latest utility bill or signed lease agreement (within 60 days). 

If you are 0-17 years old, your parent or legal guardian must agree to apply for a personal library card and accept responsibility for any materials borrowed or fines accrued on your card.

If you are 18 years old, you can sign your own form, but you must have identification showing your address and birth date. 

When you receive your library card, sign your name on the back and keep it in a safe place.

Using Your Library Card

You must have your library card with you for all library transactions.  You can use your library card to check out books, listening tapes or videos.   You may check out up to 25 items at one time but no more than 5 DVDs. The library also limits you to only 6 books on any one subject or by any one author. This way more people get a chance to check out something they want.  Your library card number and personal identification number (PIN) can be used to reserve material.  A maximum of 10 items may be requested at one time, per card.

The person at the Check-out desk will use a laser scanner to read the bar code on your library card and the book, tape, video or music CD. Everything you are checking out is recorded in the computer and you are responsible for all borrowed material. A printout receipt with the due date will be given to you. It is a record of what you have just checked out and when you need to bring it back. THIS IS YOUR ONLY REMINDER: Put it in a good place like on your fridge or calendar to help you keep track.

When you have finished with the things you checked out, bring them back and check out some more. It’s free unless you don’t bring them back before the due date.

Library Card Application

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