SC Freedom of Information Act

In order to ensure we can properly comply with the public's access for information under South Carolina's Freedom of Information Act, the following procedures have been established to ensure strict compliance to the act.  These procedures are in effect for anyone requesting information under the act.

1. Request should be in writing under the signature of the requestor.  The request should include the provision that the information is being requested under the South Carolina  Freedom of Information Act, the requestor's name, address and zip code and telephone number.  (Requestors may want to send their request by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested to ensure they have a record that their request was received.)
2. In compliance with the act, the Library "shall within fifteen days (excepting Saturdays, Sundays, and legal public holidays) of receipt of any such request notify the person making the request of its determination and the reasons therefor."  Such a determination shall, in accordance with the act, constitute the final opinion of the Library as to the availability of the requested public record and, if the request is granted, the record must be furnished or made available for inspection or copying.  If written notification of the determination of the Library as to the availability of the requested public record is neither mailed nor personally delivered to the person requesting the document within fifteen days allowed herein, the request must be considered approved.
3. In accordance with the act, the Library can (and will) "establish and collect fees not to exceed the actual cost of the searching for and making copies of the records.  Fees charged by the Library must be uniform for copies of the same record or document.”
4. The fee will be provided to the person requesting information in the notification letter. Accepted payments of fees are personal check, certified check, or postal money order.  Upon the receipt of payment, the requested information will be sent to the individual by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested (except in the case of personal checks, which will be mailed on clearance of the check).

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