Take Care of Yourself

I was listening to the radio as I drove to work earlier this week.  One of those 30 second spots played featuring a doctor talking about stress.  It's everywhere in our lives.  So we have to learn to manage it.  For years my stress reliever was running.  I ran alot for over 35 years until my joints said "STOP!!"  My exercise these days is gentler on my joints.

When I wasn't running, I was talking to myself.  I talked things out because it helped to hear my thoughts put into words.  I usually did this when I was alone because I didn't want people to think I was crazy.  I still talk to myself to this day, I just don't worry about how it looks.  The whole point is you have to manage the stress in your life or it will affect your health -- mentally and physically.  So find something that works for you. Ten quick suggestions for relieving stress are:  listen to music, call a friend, talk it out (my habit), exercise (even just a minute of exercising helps), eat right, laugh (a lot), drink tea, sleep and pay attention to what stresses you out and try to either avoid it or control it.

The library has over 300 resources on stress.  Check them out at http://sclends.lib.sc.us/eg/opac/results?qtype=keyword;query=stress;locg=118;page=0

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